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Trauma Intergration

A new paradime is emerging know as Quantum Medicine, this new paradime aims at treating people in all aspects of the material and non material world.  This Psycho-emotional healing and recovery methodology can transforms the way you think and feel and relate to yourself and the world.  QRISTA Trauma Integration can effect and heal trans-generational DNA fear patterns, epigenetics, past lives, and Morphogenic Fields.


Alchemical Recoding is a combination if breath-work, brainwaves, affirmations, bodywork, Sacred Geometry, Metatronic activated Mandalas, sound vibration and  movement.


By honing into energetic blockages in the body and applying sound vibrational tuning forks with bodywork, the increased energy created from the breath-work in combination with sound and movement extracts from the body whatever blockage is stuck there, then affirmations are made to fill the space with high vibrational positive energy.

Returning home to yourself