About me

I first discovered that I had innate healing abilities when I was 17, I had many experiences that I could not explain that appeared miraculas to me.  



I also discovered that when started to practice my own intuative massage form for friends that if I simply waved my hand over their body I could sense where there was a problem and pin point areas of discomfort very easily.  I decided to put the healing work aside while I trained in NLP and it wasnt for another 15 years that the call back to energy healing and massage came back.  I now weave all my skills together when they are needed in the moment while working closely with my guides, Angels, beings of 100% light and Asended Masters that come and assist in the healing.  I now run weekend healing retreats a few times a year and I continue to return to Mexico and work closly with shamanic traditions from the that land.

The Way Home

Returning home to yourself


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